May 24, 2013

"Jane Wilde is an absolute blast. It’s short, funny and well-made, not over-staying it’s welcome. With some tip-top presentation and rock-solid gameplay, I can’t really find a reason not to pick up the free app. Moreover, if blasting zombies as a well-proportioned Barbie doll with zero context or motive is your thing, I whole-heartedly recommend."
- Gamers Association -...

May 23, 2013

We are very excited to launch our pet cartoon horror project after months of development !

Jane Wilde is now available for free-to-play download from the App Store:

Jane has outrageously over-...

May 14, 2013

Jane Wilde is ready to redecorate the West. Mark your calendars and warm up your fingertips.

iOS version is launching on may 23rd, and the Android app is following a week later. Check back for frequent updates and new features!

Check out official game trailer here:
Jane Wilde Trailer